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Color Illustrations from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

  1. Aspe of the Church of Saint Agnes, Rome
  2. The Annunciation - Francesco Cossa, The Museum, Dresden
  3. The Annunciation - Fra Angelico, St. Mark Museum, Florence
  4. From Antiphonary of the XVII Century, reproduced from original in Lenox Library New York
  5. St. Peter and St. John -- St. Paul and St. Mark - Albrecht Dürer, Pinakothek, Munich
  6. Picture Bible - Prophecy of Isaiah, LIII and LIV, regarding Jesus Christ and the Church, reproduced from original in Bibliothèque Nationale (MS. Latin 11560, F. 124) Paris
  7. Bossuet - from the painting by Rigaud
  8. The Bride and Groom on their Wedding Journey - detail from The Symphony, Mariz Von Schwind, New Pinakothek, Munich
  9. Bust of Christ in the Catacomb of Pontianus (Ninth Century)
  10. Chalice of St. Gozlin - Tenth Century, Treasury of the Cathedral at Nancy; Chalice, known as Chalice of St. Remi, Twelfth Century, Treasury of the Cathedral at Rheims
  11. Father Juan Perez Blessing Columbus on His Departure - painting by A. Gisbert
  12. Crucifixion - Perugino
  13. Dante Alighieri - Giotto di Bondone, The Bargello, Florence
  14. David - Illumination in Horarium No. 291 (Fifteenth Century), in the Einsiedeln Library
  15. The Espousals of the Blessed Virgin (Lo Sposalizio) - Raphael, Brera Gallery, Milan
  16. St. George and the Dragon - Francia, Corsini Gallery, Rome
  17. Page from Gutenberg's 42-line (Mazarin) Bible (1455) - Introduction to the Gospel of St. Luke and text of i,1-11 - reproduced from parchment copy in Buchgewerbe-Museum, Leipzig
  18. a. Arms of the Patriarch of Lisbon; b. Arms of a Prothonotary Apostolic; c. Arms of a Cardinal Camerlengo (showing Pavilion de l'Eglise); d. Arms of the Bishop of Augsburg; e. Arms of a Provincial of the Carmelite Order
  19. a. Arms of Leo XIII; b. Arms of the Archbishop of Cologne; c. Arms of Cardinal Wolsey; d. Arms of the See of Canterbury; e. Arms of the See of Durham
  20. The Immaculate Conception - Murillo, The Louvre
  21. Innocent III - Contemporary Fresco in the Church of the Sacro Speco, Subiaco
  22. Julius II - Raphael, Pitti Palace, Florence
  23. A Knight of Malta - Pinturicchio, Cathedral, Sienna
  24. Leo X - Raphael, Pitti Palace, Florence
  25. St. Luke Painting the Virgin and Child - Roger Van Der Weyden
  26. The Madonna of the Magnificat - Sandro Boticelli, Uffici Gallery, Florence
  27. St. Michael and the Dragon - Guido Reni, Capuchin Church, Rome
  28. The Nativity of the Virgin - Ghirlandajo, Santa Maria Novalla, Florence
  29. St. Peter Martyr Enjoining Silence - Fra Angelico, Convent of San Marco, Florence
  30. Presentation in the Temple - Giovanni Battista da Conegliano, called Cima, Dresden Gallery
  31. The Recognition of Joseph by his Brethren - Peter Von Cornelius, National Gallery, Berlin
  32. The Reliquary of St. Genevieve - Procession of the Citizens of Paris in Penitential Garb, 1496 - Maillot, The Pantheon, Paris
  33. The Repose in Egypt - Flemish Wool and Gold Tapestry, Late XV Century, Spitzer Collection
  34. The Annunciation - Andrea Della Robbial, Hospital of the Innocents, Florence
  35. The Adoration of the Shepherds - Ghirlandajo, Accademia, Florence
  36. Mosaic above the King's Door in the Narthex of Santa Sophia, Constantinople - Christ Enthroned, Venerated by the Emperor (Justinian)
  37. The Virgin of the Rocks - Leonardo Da Vinci, Louvre, Paris
  38. Window in the Cathedral of St. Etienne, Bourges - the window is on the left facing the central altar

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